Don't Be Afraid to Live Your Dreams

I'm a country girl from a town with 2 stoplights. I was't born rich and I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote my first book. I just knew I had a set of characters in my head that wouldn't go away.

I wrote my and published my first novel in 2013 and went on to turn it into a short film back in 2015. Working with Industry Old Hand Damon Dash and others taught me the tough side of the business. There were times when I wanted to give up and certainly times when I cried my pillow wet, but it takes all of that to birth any project of substance. Time would reveal that it was ALL worth it.

From that point, my goal became to live my dreams - OUT LOUD and in PUBLIC. One reason was that - despite the hard work required, those moments of success always trumped any discomfort I may have felt.

My first book and the 3 after that were Amazon Best Sellers when they were released. My short film won an Audience Choice Award at the International Black Film Festival, and my first published author, Kinshasha Serbin, also experienced a taste of success when her novels became Amazon Best Sellers upon their release.

From there I decided to help others maneuver to the life of their dreams as well. I've spoken to women's groups, literary clubs, Universities, and love seeing the light in the eyes of my attendees when they finally understand how to make their dreams a reality.

That feeling was better than accomplishing things solely for myself, so this site was birthed, as a way to help others experience the same SUCCESS. I will help you LIVE YOUR DREAMS.


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E.W. created the Urban Writers Association to help the scores of people looking to birth their written word. Our specialists assist our writers in creating and editing their manuscripts, creating compelling book covers, and preparing the work for market.

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E.W. has worked and consulted with some of the industry's finest. Check out our Video Vault to learn more about the E.W. Brand, how it started, and how we can help you take your dreams to the screen.

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Live Your Dreams: Dreamers' BLOG

There are many paths to success. The problem is, not many care to share their route. Learn how to use your talents to generate cash and create a small business. Change your thinking and learn to manifest your desires. No matter what you desire to do, the Dreamers' Blog can help!

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